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September 16, 2008  

Hi Everyone;

I can’t believe that half of the year is gone already, feels like I blinked and summer is over. Well that means that I have been very busy and having a lot of fun. Where to start… The first quarter of the year I worked hard on personal goals and spending time with my family. On January 24th I achieved the state of Clear which if you want to know more about please go to, and since have further accomplished many personal and spiritual goals on my journey up the bridge. I also spent some family time in Big Bear and did some business in Phoenix. Big Bear was a blast, there was tons of snow, my sons took their first snow boarding lesson and we all had a great time.

One thing that I have gotten totally addicted to is basketball. I love playing it, coaching my sons and watching it. It was a great NBA season, apparently one of the most exciting in its history so I guess I picked a good year to join in. My favorite team this year was the Phoenix Suns because I like what the team stands for. They play to win but not at the cost of their morals. The current owner doesn’t tolerate players who don’t display good character. This sort of management really aligns with how I manage my company.

On a technology note I wanted to let you know that I discovered and switched to an “all you can eat” cellular plan. All of the major companies are doing it now but you need to look into the details to make sure you are getting a good deal. I am currently with Sprint and they introduced an all inclusive plan for $99.99/month that includes unlimited national minutes, texting, email, picture and more. I love this plan so much and wanted to let you all know about it. I also ventured out into the touch screen cellular world and got an Instinct, I am sure you have seen all of the cool commercials, so far I am happy with it, the navigation is better than any GPS on the market.

This summer went by fast but was action packed. My boys went to Phoenix Suns basketball camp, they had a lot of fun and my youngest son won the divisional championship. They also went to Aloha surf camp, they learned how to surf, wakeboard, went tubing, jet skiing, kayaking and more, makes me wish I was a kid again. We also enjoyed some time hanging out in my backyard. I love hanging out with my family and friends, swimming and barbequing. The highlight of the summer was going to Disney World. We spent great quality family time and by the way, we all loved Epcot best!

The boys are back to school and all of the fall activities are about to begin…

I wish everyone well and look forwarding to updating you in a few months.

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November 7, 2007  

On a professional note we have moved more of the senior management responsibilities to our state of the art facilities in Phoenix, AZ. In particular, Peter Pishko has taken over for Dan Jablons as our VP of Operations. This made much more sense with most of our operations facilities located in AZ. We are currently looking to replace our CRM program and implement a much more sophisticated and comprehensive system that will eliminate numbers of separate applications used to manage customer relationships.

On a personal note my kids are doing great, my youngest son graduated second grade and has embarked on the new adventures of third grade. Joshua my eldest has entered into fifth grade with gusto and is moving along without a hitch. Alicia has them both enrolled in soccer and they are enjoying that although Josh’s first choice for extra curricular was tackle football unfortunately Alicia and I were not quite ready for such a physical sport. Joshua has also joined the Lego Robotics League which is a program at school where the kids actually build and program robots then they go and compete with other schools in comptitions. Josh is a programmer and has experience as this is his 2nd year. Justin is in Cub-Scouts this is his second year and he is a Wolf. Alicia and I recently went to see the Pageant of the Masters. It was incredible!!!

Between the business and kids Alicia and I don’t get to spend enough quality time together which makes outings such as pageant of the masters an even more special event for us. All is well on the home front and I am looking forward to the upcoming holidays!

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April 13, 2007  

On a professional note we have some good news. Retail Pro is working very hard to get version 9 released in a stable/reliable manner and Island Pacific is offering two new customers very aggressive pricing to be final beta sites. They will be given VIP service and must be willing to be key reference accounts in order to qualify for this special program. As far as Retail Teamwork goes, they have released a new and exciting version (2.1) which includes key performance indicators, (Turn, Gross Margin Return on Investment…) a stock ledger report which allows users to easily understand how and why quantities are what they are and much more… We are also about to launch a program to help smaller retailers afford a POS system (more to come on this, check out Lastly, we have introduced a new POS hardware platform made by HP. This high quality bundle includes everything needed to setup a complete cash-wrap and includes a 3 year on-site warranty.

As you can see, a lot is happening and I look forward to keeping all of you updated on what is going on with my personal and professional life.

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Here is my second installment and an update on what is going on with my life since my last blog entry. On a personal note I have made some real progress on a personal and spiritual level. I also took my wife to Santa Barbara to celebrate her birthday. We had a wonderful time just spending time with each other, taking long walks and browsing in the local shops. I am actually typing this while spending time with my family in Arizona; my two boys are on spring break. We have been enjoying the wonderful weather and friendly people. My two sons love coming to Arizona, probably because they get to spend more time with mom and dad.

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March 2, 2007  

Hello Everyone

Thank you for visiting my Blog. I look forward to hearing from you and keeping all of you informed on what is going on with my life. At this point in my life I have had to learn how to balance many responsibilities. It isn’t always easy to keep life in check but as I continue to improve my abilities I find that life will actually bend in the direction I need it to. Right now I am in the middle of bringing on a new product called Microsoft Retail Teamwork. This is very exciting and will allow my company to expand into much larger retail operations. The product is designed to be easily adjusted to fit almost any retail environment excluding food and beverage. I will keep you informed on how this is coming along.

I also launched my new website, check it out and let me know what you think.

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