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April 13, 2007  

On a professional note we have some good news. Retail Pro is working very hard to get version 9 released in a stable/reliable manner and Island Pacific is offering two new customers very aggressive pricing to be final beta sites. They will be given VIP service and must be willing to be key reference accounts in order to qualify for this special program. As far as Retail Teamwork goes, they have released a new and exciting version (2.1) which includes key performance indicators, (Turn, Gross Margin Return on Investmentā€¦) a stock ledger report which allows users to easily understand how and why quantities are what they are and much moreā€¦ We are also about to launch a program to help smaller retailers afford a POS system (more to come on this, check out Lastly, we have introduced a new POS hardware platform made by HP. This high quality bundle includes everything needed to setup a complete cash-wrap and includes a 3 year on-site warranty.

As you can see, a lot is happening and I look forward to keeping all of you updated on what is going on with my personal and professional life.

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