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November 7, 2007  

On a professional note we have moved more of the senior management responsibilities to our state of the art facilities in Phoenix, AZ. In particular, Peter Pishko has taken over for Dan Jablons as our VP of Operations. This made much more sense with most of our operations facilities located in AZ. We are currently looking to replace our CRM program and implement a much more sophisticated and comprehensive system that will eliminate numbers of separate applications used to manage customer relationships.

On a personal note my kids are doing great, my youngest son graduated second grade and has embarked on the new adventures of third grade. Joshua my eldest has entered into fifth grade with gusto and is moving along without a hitch. Alicia has them both enrolled in soccer and they are enjoying that although Josh’s first choice for extra curricular was tackle football unfortunately Alicia and I were not quite ready for such a physical sport. Joshua has also joined the Lego Robotics League which is a program at school where the kids actually build and program robots then they go and compete with other schools in comptitions. Josh is a programmer and has experience as this is his 2nd year. Justin is in Cub-Scouts this is his second year and he is a Wolf. Alicia and I recently went to see the Pageant of the Masters. It was incredible!!!

Between the business and kids Alicia and I don’t get to spend enough quality time together which makes outings such as pageant of the masters an even more special event for us. All is well on the home front and I am looking forward to the upcoming holidays!

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